T  Top enclosure details
T Top Enclosure Notes
Our T-Top Enclosures are a blend of maximum protection and maximum fishability.  We think that if you can’t fish around your center console,  you ruin your center console.  The design has two elements, the wings and the windshield.  
We prefer to make our windshield section a permanent fixture on the boat.  Most clients find the protection of a full size window is always a nice thing to have.
This is an example of our Award Winning T-Top Enclosure design.  
Friday, February 22, 2008
T-Top Enclosure details.
Above is an example of  windshield to windshield convertible Strataglass design.  At right is a permanent  polycarbonate windshield  
The wings are made to work like a pair of Strataglass sails.  The forward edge is attached to the tower with track.  A single unbroken zipper provides quick access forward and quick stowing and deployment.  The outside edges are cut on parabolic curves to mimic the action of sails under pressure.  The wings do not flap under pressure, instead they fill with air and deflect wind and spray away from captain and crew.
This Strataglasss deflection wing is subject to extreme pressure due to the 600 horses hanging on the transom of this Jupiter.  We used  Inox pressed rings which are common in sail building.  These require a 20 ton press to set through the seven layers of reenforcement.  Snap Shackles make for easy deployment and removal.